Emergency Plans

The Department of Emergency Management coordinates the development of emergency plans on campus.

There are three levels of emergency plans at the University of Minnesota:

Building Emergency Plans - Each building on campus should have a Building Emergency Plan. The plan outlines evacuation procedures and other emergency instructions. In order to complete the plan, each building should identify one representative from each department located in the building to participate in a working group that will complete the plan template. The Building Emergency Plan template is available for download (below).

Continuity of Operations Plans - Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) outline the steps critical operating units must take to keep their department running in the event of an emergency. Departments that are deemed "critical operating units" must complete a Continuity of Operations Plan, per the University's Policy for (download below). A list of critical operating units is available for download (below). The Continuity of Operations Plan template is also available for download (below).

Emergency Operations Plan - The campus Emergency Operations Plan is the overall plan that guides University administrators in the event of an emergency. The University is required by the state Homeland Security and Emergency Management agency to have an Emergency Operations Plan. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in the plan, it is not made available to the public.